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Protection Plan
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We will come to your Business or Home and either work on your computer there or pick it up to take it back to the workshop if necessary.

Many individuals purchase computers with very little computer experience or computer training. We can help you from the start by assessing your computer needs based on the use you expect to make of it. After you purchase your computer we can then assemble it for you, connect you to the internet then give you some basic training and advice. We can also help you select software based on what you are trying to accomplish, then we can install it for you and get you up an running.

A computer is an investment that in many cases is not optimized by the owner or main users. Most people just use their computer for email and surfing the internet but there are many more software products that you can use to organize your home, your business, your finances and investments, or your contacts. We can advise you and train you in the use of these other products.

If you are sharing a computer with your kids there are ways that you can protect your data from accidental corruption or deleting.

             For all your  Business or Home computer needs call PCS