Before you trust your precious movie film to
someone for transfer, get to know them first!

No Subcontracting. All of our transfer work is performed in-house.
You'd be surprised to know that most local companies subcontract out their film transfer work.
At PCS, all work is performed in-house so all costs go directly towards a better finished product.

Your movie film is properly cleaned and prepared.
Proper film preparation is critical prior to transfer. We first replace all weak edit points. Film is
then cleaned with an exclusive three-step process using the same materials used by Kodak and
the George Eastman House. This process reduces excess dirt, dust, image jump and stutter.
Lower quality transfer techniques use a simple screen, reflective surface or transfer box to
capture the projected image. We use Advanced Image technology which provides a much brighter,
sharper, more detailed image. It also provides more latitude to correct for poorly exposed film.

Definition DVD, the ability to pull photo prints
and file archiving, none of which can be done by transferring directly to videotape or DVD.

Original consumer movie film speeds can range from 16 to 24 frames-per-second. Most transfer
companies can only transfer film at 20 frames per second. This can make the image movement
look unnaturally fast or slow and severely limits the ability to accurately reproduce sound movie
Future technology is moving towards progressive video. Our new 3-chip cameras capture in
progressive video, providing better color separation and higher resolution than older 1-chip video
cameras that capture in interlaced video.

Recording directly to computer, not to videotape or DVD.
Recording directly to videotape or DVD is a low quality process and does not allow for further
image enhancement. Image enhancement is critical for a quality film transfer. Recording directly
to computer gives us the ability to color correct scenes, change the order of your film, remove
unwanted portions and in many cases improve over/under exposed film. It also allows for custom
editing, "up-rezzing" to future technology like High